I love these two together! 

'Howl… Haineko!'

'Howl… Haineko!'

'Women are always weak at the knees for the elite, cool types”

"I remember Shikamaru saying something like that too"

We all know a certain blonde who is in love with a cool guy hated by Shikamaru.. INO!

I will be frank, I don’t know if in the end of Naruto it will be Shikaino or Shikatema, because I can’t say what’s Masashi’s intention: Does he prefer Shikaino or Shikatema? At the beginning of the shippuden serie it seemed that Shikatema was the winner, but now, in the last chapters, it’s the same for Shikaino, so it is impossible for me to say. But I can say a thing for sure: Mashashi started the manga of Naruto with the idea that Shikamaru was in love with Ino. Nobody can say that it isn’t true, it’s evident, just read the chapters about the chunin exam, especially the fight against Sakura (look how Shikamaru is worried! We know that Naruto is in love with Sakura, but we can see that during the fight he isn’t worried as much as Shikamaru) and the sentence Choji says in chapter 110 when he see the way that Ino cheers for Sasuke “He’s worked so hard but she’s already moved on to Sasuke, poor Shikamaru”. We can’t say it means nothing, especially beacause Choji, Shikamaru’s best friend, is the person who says that. It means that Shikamaru love, or at least like Ino, and he worked so hard during the fight because he wanted to impress her, to prove her that Sasuke isn’t the best and that he also is strong. Why else would Choji says ‘poor Shikamaru’ for? The Shikatema fans claim that Choji said this because he is annoyed by the fact that Ino is fickle and she cheers Sasuke more than her teammate. If this were the case, why didn’t Choji say nothing when Ino cheer for Naruto? And why didn’t he say ‘poor us’ instead of ‘poor Shikamaru’? Because if this is the case, that Choji said this because Ino must cheer for her teammates, he is included too. We can say “There is none so blind as he who will not see”. Another thing that evidence the fact that the real meaning of that sentence is the one that I said is in the chapter number 174, when Choji says to Shikamaru “I know, compared to Sasuke and Neji, you are more incredible”. “Casually” he compared Shikamaru to the person Ino loves (and Neji, who is the stereotype of another cool guy, who Ino tried to seduce in the forest of death).

There are many other important Shikaino hints in the first tanbooks, just read back Naruto and you will see. It’s pretty obvius that Shikamaru was in love with Ino. I don’t wanna say that he loves her NOW, but in the past he did for sure. I also don’t wanna say that in the end it will be Shikaino. Time will tell.

I’m sorry for the possible mistakes, I don’t speak english.


'Morita! Hey, you! Isn't that Mayama's shirt you're wearing?'

'Yep, sure is! Love that guy's closet! It's filled with all these nice, clean clothes. And all neatly folded, too!'

This is probably the moment when Ino decided to become a Medic Ninja. 

So, she probably started to train as a medic ninja shortly after Sakura (we can see this one asks Tsunade to train her in the same chapter), but they aren’t at the same level because Ino has to dedicate a lot of her time to practice in her clan’s ninjutsu, so she can’t devote herself entirely to medical ninjutsu,  unlike Sakura (and also because Sakura is the main female character, so she obviously has to be the strongest).

Also, Tsunade in this chapter says that, to became a medic ninja, the most important thing, is to have someone you love to protect. In fact we can see how Ino is worried about Choji, and she is always worried about Shikamaru too.

‘I couldn’t pray for my own happiness, so instead, I said a prayer to the moon floating above us for the happiness of this person whose warm hand clasped my own.’

Yamada Ayumi - Honey and Clover

Sometimes I wonder what I'll do...If I end up alone like this forever. 
For the rest of my life.

'Let me smell the scent of LOVE!'

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